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We offer regular transfers to and from the international airport:

🛫 airport in Moldova: Chișinău

Cherkasy - Moldova
Chișinău (Moldova)
2 500 UAH
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Call our managers or contact us on social media to learn more about journeys.

How to plan a journey?

For optimal planning of your journey abroad, we recommend checking our schedule first before choosing a flight. Combine transfer with a flight and enjoy an easy and comfortable journey.

What is the duration of a journey?

The journey from Cherkasy to Moldova takes 12-14 hours, including border crossing.

The journey from Cherkasy to Poland takes 13-15 hours, with additional time needed for border crossing.

How to book a transfer?

To book a transfer, choose the desired date and destination. Fill out the booking form on the website, by phone, or in a convenient messenger with our managers. Wait for the vehicle at your address.

How much luggage can I take?

According to the luggage allowance recommendations, you can take one piece of checked luggage (up to 23 kg) and one piece of hand luggage per person.

Can I transport animals?

The transportation of small animals in special pet carriers with all necessary
documents is allowed.

What are the rules for trips during curfew hours?

Our company has permission to operate even during curfew hours. Therefore,
we adhere to the schedule without any delays.

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